Window Tinting

Window Tinting


Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In Nevada, the percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window.

Must allow 35% of light in. 35% is the legal limit for the two front windows of your car only. All the other windows can be as dark as limo tint. Non reflective film is allowed above the manufactures AS-1 line, located about a quarter of the way down your windshield.

WHAT FILM DO YOU USE? How do I know if it will last, scratch easily, fade, bubble, peal?

After being in the business almost a decade having met all the distributors and tested all the products, I haven’t found a more quality film than Llumar. With more than 55 years in the film business, Llumar has perfected their products.

Why are you guys the best?

Great success having partnered with Eco-tint, one of the select-pro dealers, and an authorized Lumar Formula One installer in the city. This means we are one of the best installers in the country! You can’t just buy this film at any tint shop, you have to be selected by Llumar. We are very excited to be a part of this elite group of dealers.


Many Skin Cancer Foundations suggest tinting your car windows especially in high heat regions such as Las Vegas to provide protection against skin damage such as cancer. One out of 5 people will develop skin cancer. The suns most damaging rays are called UVA rays which account for 90% of the suns rays which are present every day all day. Skin cancer is the most common form of Cancer in the US.

More than 90% of the aging in our body is cause by the sun causing sun damage to our skin. Researchers have shown that in the US drivers have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to driving in their car. You would put sunscreen on yourself if you were in the sun, why wouldn’t you put sunscreen on your windows to protect you and your family? Llumar window tint is YOUR SUNSCREEN keeping you and your family protected with a one time application!

What is Bray window skin?
The Benefits of having bray window skin installed on your windshield included the following:

Make 100% in the USA.
Patent protected product.
Highest impact resistant product.
9 Different material options to chose from
Hardest quality hardcoat for longest product life and scratch resistant.
The worlds only multiple layer technology material that is made for street applications.

Proud to say we are servicing Las Vegas as the exclusive certified Bray film installer.
Ever since we have had the pleasure of installing layers of windshield protectant film on your windshield to prevent rock chips from damaging your factory windshield. This service is especially valuable for high end cars and hyper cars in which would be vulnerable to many rock chips. Perfect for high speed racing or cross country rallying. I suggest the double layer film for maximum protection to your factory shield.

This helps maintain the strength and integrity of your factory windshield, you only get it once!


Here at Vegas Auto Glass Experts we are about performance. So if someone does most of their driving throughout the day I will press them towards getting the LLumar CTX or Llumar Air80 ceramic film. If you drive to work and park your call all day, I would suggest the metallized window tint. Amazing quality, durability, protectant and less expensive than ceramic film. It is generally about $100 dollars less than ceramic.

All Llumar films provide sun block coverage, for different percentages, ask for details.

You don’t want the cheapest film on the market, I promise you. You will have nothing but headaches the moment it turns purple.

What if I get broken into and need just one window tinted?

Llumar is the only brand that proudly installs free tint if its damaged or you need just one window tinted.

What percentage does it block? Will it protect my interior if I tint my car?

In Las Vegas we understand the importance of protecting yourselves from the HEAT as well as your cars interior and your personal property! Llumar ATC and CTX both are high performance window film, which offers all day skin protection which helps prevent skin cancer and the interior of your vehicle from fading and cracking as well as the majority of heat from entering your vehicle.

Llumar window tint acts as a “sunscreen” providing daily sun protection with a one-time application. It blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays and offers a long-term solution to help prevent skin cancer. Choosing the Llumar CTX series film will provide SUPERIOR heat rejection!

Why is Llumar the best film in your opinion?

Llumar is what we consider the best standard film with over 60 years of experience, known as the worlds largest manufacture of window film. All of our films come with a lifetime warranty, lifetime free replacement and it covers fading peeling bubbling and turning purple for as long as you own the vehicle. We don’t tolerate anything less than true color, optimal durability, and optical clarity.

Llumar is thicker film more scratch resistant.
To learn more about what it takes to get window tints on your car, or to have existing tints repaired, please give us a call at 725-529-2929.