Windshield Protection Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Windshield Protection Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Windshield Protection Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs
Here at Vegas Auto Glass Experts, our team prefers that you avoid all window damages all together. It’s much cheaper than having to deal with a repair or a replacement.

We also believe that it’s in a vehicle owner’s best interest to protect themselves, and their asset, by preventing accidents from happening. Here are a few sure-fire ways to minimize the chance of window damage.

Take Great Care with Your Windshield During the Winter

We see a lot of customers come in to get their glass replaced after an unforeseen hailstorm. Minimize the chances of such damage by keeping your car under a garage or in an enclosed parking space.

Another great way to avoid hail damage is by covering your windshield and rear window using a “frost guard” or a windshield snow cover. This will reduce the force of ice falling on your windows and it will extremely lessen the chance of them being damaged in the process.

Do Not Drive in Inclement Weather

If you can avoid driving in inclement weather, it will be for the best. This is because high winds can cause debris and other particles to damage your windshield.

Inclement weather also raises the possibility of getting into a fender-bender or severe accident so it’s best to wait for the weather to pass when possible.

Avoid Hard Breaking

Hard breaking increases the chance of someone hitting you from the back, whether it was because they were distracted, texting, or tailgating. Not to mention that hard breaking can add unnecessary pressures to your windshield.

The force of bringing your car to a fast stop can cause existing chips and cracks to break even further.

Close Doors Gently

It may sound absurd to some that slamming doors has resulted in broken window glass, but we’ve seen it all. Slamming doors or trunks can lead to unfortunate cracks. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid this: treat your car gently.

Park Your Car Under Shade

In Nevada summers can get extremely hot. It’s best to park your car under shade when possible, to minimize the chances of it cooking in the heat so much that the metal chassis expands and cracks your windshield.

Get Auto Glass Repairs and Replacements Done Right

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