Why Do Headlights Become Hazy, Cloudy or Yellowed?

Why Do Headlights Become Hazy, Cloudy or Yellowed?

Have you ever asked yourself why your car’s headlights become hazy, cloudy, or yellowed? If you have, then you’re certainly not alone. This happens to be one of the most popular questions we hear as auto glass experts in Las Vegas.

The Reason Behind Headlight Haziness

Although it may appear that headlights are made out of glass, that is not the case. These days headlights are made out of plastic which have a lot of pores that attract a lot of gunk. When they come out of the factory, the material is covered with a protective coating. It works well for the first few years but sooner or later it will begin to disintegrate.

You have to imagine all of the harshness that a headlight goes through to truly understand why its protective film comes off. First, you’ve got the head of the lightbulbs which breaks down the coating. Then you’ve got UV rays from the sun that bombard it all day long. Not to mention that your headlights also come into contact with acidic rain from time to time, as well as the corrosive chemicals that spray off the road when driving.

Considering all of the elements that your headlights have to battle, it’s a miracle that they stay clear for as long as they do. To further understand the yellowness or cloudiness of headlights, it’s best to think of it as rust. There’s an oxidation process happening right on the film of the coating which is similar to the oxidation that occurs on metal.

If you have a rusty piece of metal, it’s possible to polish it right off and see the surface once again. Headlights are the same way. Even though yellowed headlights may seem like a huge problem, it’s not that hard of an issue to solve with the right equipment.

How We Clear Foggy Headlights in Las Vegas

We rarely have to replace headlights, and you should rarely have to replace them too. If someone ever gives you a quote for replacing your hazy headlights, you should thank them and kindly never come back again.

One of the biggest problems we’ve found in this industry is getting quoted for the wrong type of work. Here at Vegas Auto Glass Experts, we know that the fix to foggy or yellow headlights is affordable and simple. We use a special kit that lets us not only clear away the old gunk, but also repair the protective film so that the debris stays out.

Headlight Restoration Quotes

Not all quotes are made the same way. If you get a quote for replacing headlights, you have to understand that the cost will include headlights, the headlight assembly, and even brand new light bulbs. This is a complete rip-off and should be avoided, unless if you’ve been in an accident and the headlights themselves are damaged.

Furthermore, if you get a quote from an auto detailer, whether they are a professional or an individual, you should ask them about the scope of the work. Most of the time the detailer will say that they will clean the headlights, maybe even polish them, and they’ll stop at that. The truth is that this approach will keep the headlights clean for a few months, if not weeks, and then the gunk will come back.

The proper quote for headlight restoration should include both work for cleaning the existing headlights, and for applying a protective coating to keep them protected.

Here at Vegas Auto Glass Experts, we’re proud in our headlight restoration approach. We’ve built such a name for ourselves with this excellent service that we’ve even had law enforcement and other government department employees come in for getting their cars’ headlights all cleaned up.

How to Prevent Headlight Haziness

As important as it is to get a protective coating applied to your headlights after a few years of using your car, it’s also important to take good care of your car as a whole. Whenever possible you should park it in underneath cover, or a garage. This will keep it away from UV rays that can bake at the protective coating.

If you choose to polish your headlights, just be extra gentle with it. Roughly polishing headlight surfaces can end up with damage to the film that goes over it. The damage won’t be apparent at first, but as time goes on you’ll start to notice that the surface attracts grime and becomes yellow.

Get a Professional to Restore Your Headlights

We guarantee an excellent service that will restore your headlights to their prime appearance. Give us a call at 725-529-2929 to learn more and get a free quote!